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Legend:     Positive   Negative   Positive-Negative (subtypes)   Positive-Negative (species/protocol differences)   Positive-Negative (subcellular expression differences)   Positive-Negative (unresolved)
                Positive inference   Negative inference   Positive inference; negative inference (subtypes)   Positive inference; negative inference (species/protocol differences)   Positive inference; negative inference (unresolved)  
                No Data Found     Search Incomplete     Additional confirmation by inference(s)    
                green: Excitatory     red: Inhibitory
                * indicates new v2.0 neuron type
                Pale versions of the colors in the matrix indicate interpretations of neuronal property information that have not yet been fully verified.
                Twenty matrix markers displayed by default were shown in our 2015 eLife publication (Wheeler et al., eLife 2015;4:e09960).